Sunday, September 5, 2010

Tokyo Girls Collection Autumn/Winter 2010

Yesterday was the Tokyo Girl's Collection A/W show in Japan, a fashion festival that attracted 30,000 people to attend. The theme for this season's collection was Back to the Classic Future, meaning "looking back at the roots of the brands and expressing them for the future". Some of the brands featured in the show included Top Shop, Kitson, Cecil McBee, blondy, etc.

A summary of the collection is a mixture of fur pieces combined with lace, florals and knee high boots. Here are some of my favorite looks:

The hard look of the military jacket is softened with the addition of fur and lace detailing on the dress underneath... and a knitted shower cap haha

I wonder if that jumper is tweed? that would be an awesome jumper!

I just really like the print on the skirt and the oxford shoes but I would pick a different top.

That fur bag (hopefully it's faux) looks so luxurious, it'd look so prett y to have when it snows :)
Wow, a mop jacket, if I ever spill anything I can just use my jacket instead of wasting paper towels or shamwows! Going green at its best I suppose... haha
Totally wishing I had the legs to pull off over the knee boots!Let's end with this guy, because he's just fierce! lol

Click here to learn more about TGC! Alot more TGC fashion (all the kooky ones that I didn't feature) right this way.

Which ones were you favorite or least favorite? leave me a comment below!


Anonymous said...

OMG such pretty looks!!! Such nice clothing, sigh I wish I could afford such things haha! I am SO lovin' your blog Annie ^^

Rinny said...

The outfits are all so cute! I especially love the black coat in the first picture. Great blog, I'm following it too now :)

Babybubblz said...

I had no idea a tweed jumper could work.
Awesome blog! I'm definitely following, hope you do lots of Japanese fashion updates =)

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