Monday, September 13, 2010

Designer Spotlight: Alexander Wang S/S 2011 Collection

WOW, there is no black in an Alexander Wang collection?! What is this season doing to all the designers? LOL Just a mass of white, nudes and pale greens; I think I can get used to this.

I am loving this vest!

Apparently this was based off the idea of a girl doodling on her cast.

The metallics definitely livened up the pool of whites.

No one does unique structured jackets the way Alex does.
I think someone took a trip to the Statue of Liberty and got inspired ;)

Very flowy and the lace up boots are perfection!

Even though there wasn't any black, if was very obvious that it was an Alexander Wang collection because no one else (in my opinion) can design a downtown style collection the way he does. I love how everything is loose fitting but in no way oversized. I really hope he considers doing a low-end collection sometime soon, I want a piece of Wang in my closet!!!

Credit for the photos go to Zimbio, click here to view the rest of the collection.
I rate this collection 4/5 runways!
Do you miss the black from Alexander Wang?


Elle said...

I am usually a big fan of AW but this collection left me feeling kind of disappointed...there just lacks some spark of genius that usually goes into every AW collection. Maybe I am just being picky.

daisymay aka Chantele said...

Not really a big fan of these, most of it still looks unfinished!

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Annie P. said...

I know what you gals mean, I would've given him a 5/5 if it looked more polished! But deconstructed unfinished looks is what makes it an Alexander Wang collection =D

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