Friday, September 10, 2010

Designer Spotlight: Concept Korea S/S 2011 Collection

Concept Korea is a collaboration between three prominent Korean designers; Ju Young, Kwak Hyun Joo and Lee Jean Young. Their S/S 2011 collection is Asian fashion at its best in terms of quirkiness, colorfulness and sense of style. Reminds me a lot of Japanese fashion (cartoons on clothes), I mean even Pucca made an appearance!

The Wonder Girls were sitting front row at the show, all looking fabulously styled. Those girls are so pretty.

A new way to wear ruffles.

I just love this shade of orange!

I can see myself playing tennis in this blue dress, so eyecatching it'll distract my opponent xD

The overall collection had very futuristic, colorful and loud feel to it, really great concept haha. Some outfits looked a bit busy but I still had some favorites. I wasn't a huge fan of the entire Resurrection collection by JuYoung though, perhaps it was a bit too dark and punk for my taste. The Pucca collection by Kwak Hoon Joo was really cute and looks like a good contender to compete with the whole Hello Kitty craze.

Photo Credits go to Zimbio/Getty Images, view the rest of the collection including menswear, click here.
I rate this collection 3/5 runways.


Haru said...

Nice blog! That's good you're also into Japanese fashion :D
Thank you for your lovely comments & following my blog! I follow you back x

Haru x

audrey said...

woah all of these look so great and gorgeous :) thank you for sharing^^
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ARA said...

love the first and second dress. The collection looks amazing.xx

Eli said...

Thanks for the post!
I love the orangey and white pretty!

Fé... said...

Hahahaha. I can't play tennis. But I would also want to wear that lovely dress ;)

Craftiness NOW said...

fun! wish i could've seen this, love the collaboration. oh and the wonder girls were at Roger Vivier (among other places) for Fashion's Night Out!

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