Thursday, September 9, 2010

Designer Spotlight: Bensoni S/S 2011 Collection

Korean designer Sonia Yoon is one half of the Bensoni brand, designing with her partner Benjamin Channing Clyburn. The design duo are not afraid of bold prints and colors as proven in their Spring/Summer 2011 collection. The vivid colors and bold prints are what S/S fashion collections should be made of! Before today, I never took notice of this brand and based on first impressions, I'm liking what I'm seeing.

This skirt is all sorts of fab, the pop of color brings the entire look to life!

Someone once told me that green doesn't look good on 'yellow' people (I was wearing a green jacket at the time), well they've obviously never seen us 'yellows' in chartreuse! Gorg!

All photo credits to Zimbio/Getty Images, see the rest of the collection here

This collection reminds me that I need to buy more prints for my closet! I love how the hairstyle is so cute and whimsical, really goes well with the young and feminine collection.

I rate this collection 4/5 runways!
What's your rating for Bensoni?


Karoline Kalvø said...

I love this, and the whole concept about your blog. I will be following you. Lots of love.

Fé... said...

Hi there, Annie! Thanks so much for following my blog :) I just need to express my admiration towards your blog. I think it's amazing, because there's not many blogs flaunting Asian beauty (or is just my limited circle of bloggers :p) Anyway I love it! And your header picture is gorgeous, honey. I'll be around, don't get bored of me :p For the mean time, have a wonderful day!

SusuanaLove said...

Hi! Im a new follower, Im from Lonodon but I like wearing things out of the london style once in a while, I love kpop band like 2ne1 nd after school fashion sense. Your blog seems like a good place to view the eastern trends :)


Ayse said...

hey :) you have a cute blog :) come and check out my blog! love, ayse

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