Monday, June 27, 2011

Fashionable Asians at the Airport

The airport isn't usually known for spotting great fashion. While us 'regular' people opt for comfort in hoodies and sweatpants, celebs always have to put a little more effort into their looks because they never know who will greet them at the airport. One accessory that is an absolute must for all celebs at the airport: Sunglasses (if it's not being used for going incognito then it can be used for eye protection from the camera flashes!)
This post comes at the perfect time as I head on my very own vacation. And surprisingly, I am not going to Asia (even though I've been wanting to go for yrs!) Let you know where I went when I come back :)

Sammi Cheng posed for the cameras after coming home from her vacation with boyfriend Andy Hui. I loved her tribal print purse and sleek blue blazer!
Cecilia Cheung, poor girl is in the middle of a nasty divorce scandal so I don't blame her for trying to block everyone out with her headphones and sunglasses. The girl still manages to pull a great outfit together though!
Li Bing Bing hopped off a plane looking this fresh, how does she do it?!
Kitty Zhang apparently didn't have a problem getting on the plane with her skirt length, but if she was on an American flight she would've had a problem..

Kelly Chen is so sophisticated
Gianna Jun's got great style even off the red carpet! Loving her look here in a striped blue blazer over a simple white tee
Fan Bing Bing looking frumpy hoping people won't recognize her but if you're wearing sunglasses indoors you are most likely a celeb so in a way it's not the best disguise..
Kim Hye Soo tries to mix casual and dressy as she walks towards airport security. I wonder if they have to take their shoes off in Korea, cause hers look kinda lethal!
Zhang Ziyi was all dressed up and ready for her closeup when she hopped off the plane
Yao Chen Su keeps it casual, the way a jet setter should look!

Girl's Generation/SNSD ladies sure know how to travel in style! Reasons why I'm a huge fan of Korean fashion:
Yuri Tiffany Sunny and Yoona Soo Young
Seo Hyun
Hyo Yeon's casual look with a stripped top and long stretchy skinnies is closest to my travel style. Airplanes are cold so I definitely like to keep my legs covered.
I am in love with Kim Tae Yeon's purple purse! OMG someone find out who it's by! I want!!!

What do you wear when you're jetsetting? Let me know in the comments below!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Award Show Fashion: MTV Video Music Awards Japan

I found it very fitting that Lady Gaga performed at the MTV Video Music Awards in Japan this weekend. Her eclectic style fit right in with the atmosphere (I take that back, everyone else was quite modest looking tbh) Even though she was without an egg, Gaga was still able to make a statement with her studded 6 inch platforms and the illusion of bulging eyes drawn on her eyelids.

Singer Beni and host of my favorite show in Japan, Tokyo Kawaii TV, showed up on the red carpet in a chic green floral mini dress and strappy high heels

Thelma Aoyama wore a drappy black mini (which I love the pattern of btw) paired with nude pumps

J-Pop girl group Shibuhara was the only group to not coordinate outfits and I kinda wish they did because they do not look like a group at all -__-
Namie Amuro also chose a modest look for the show in a simple black dotted dress
Michi's black and white outfit caught my interest with its voluminous skirt and matching black and white shoes!
Kana Nishino wore a ruffled champagne mini dress (definitely a popular trend this award show season)
K-Pop turned J-Pop girl group Girl's Generation are the queens of outfit coordination! Even Destiny's Child have nothing on them!
DJ Kaori has a lot going on in one outfit, ruffles, sequins, stripes and the large head piece reminds me of the Royal Wedding :P
Anna Tsuchiya failed to impress in this long white sheer dress. I thought the Japanese were fearless in their fashion!
The J-pop girl group AKB48 that made school uniforms cool are now trying to make the Alice in Wonderland meets military look work... I really don't think this look works unless you're under the age of umm..10! Nice try girls!

Source: Getty

Can you believe this is the first ever Japanese red carpet ever covered on this blog?! Let me know if you're interested in Japanese fashion and I'll try to feature it more often, no matter how quirky it is!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Fashion at the Shanghai Film Festival

The opening ceremony for the Shanghai Film Festival was met with a bit of rain but lots of glamour. These Asian ladies know how to rock it on the red carpet, even a sopping wet one :P

Fan Bing Bing in Georges Hobeika Couture, there's a reason why I call her the Queen of Asian red carpets! The girl always puts a lot of effort into her red carpet looks and always looks glam and regal.

Angelababy showed off her legs in this drapey dress with a sweetheart neckline and paired it with a metallic clutch and t-strap heels.
Li Bing Bing in Naeem Khan, which I thought was very fitting for her since it has an oriental style to it (well they are in Shanghai afterall) and her new movie is called Snow Flower and the Secret Fan (which I can't wait to watch since I enjoyed the book)

Zhang Zi Lin opted for this teal lace/chiffon paired with silver accessories and shoesZhao Qian Yu went with a color block dress with a sweetheart neckline and a masquerade mask for a hat.
Zhang Jing Chu in Roberto Cavalli, all covered up but still sexy with the way the dress clings to her
Yuan Li in a Chinese prison dress? This is just one horrible design...
Xu Fan in a very age and body appropriate dress all that's missing are some sparkly jewels
Vivian Hsu worked this deep-v dress with the strong shoulder detail fabulously.
Liu Xiao Qing popped a pose in this white satin dress with red branches printed all over. While it may not be the most flattering dress, the print keeps it from being too plain
Wendi Deng Murdoch showed up in this shimmery halter dress, paired with a black clutch and strappy heels
Kathy Chau feel inspired by Shanghai and chose to wear a QiPao inspired red dress with matching red shoes.
Jiang Wen Li kept it simple in a black dress that didn't fail to accentuate her curves.
Gianna Jun could've skipped wearing the long tassle necklace with this deep-v black gown.

Eva Huang in an unflattering red dress, posing with my favorite HK actor Raymond Lam!

Lin Chi Ling looked fab in this burgundy colored gown just wish she had done something with her hair

Zhou Li Bo and his wife is a long white qi pao/cheongsam dress

Zhao Zi Qi was the only lady to show up in pants...with fireworks

Sean Lau and Huang Yi in a ridiculously high maintenance couture gown especially in the rain!
Michelle Ye's style is always about simple elegance and for this event she went with a soft pink v-neck dress with the most random screenprinting I've ever seen on the skirt. Wonder if the designer ran out of ink or just made a mistake..

There's always a Gaga at every red carpet and this time it was Jin Qiao Qiao, she looked like a bedazzled marching band member!

Jiang Yi Yan looked stunning in this simple and elegant bright red gown with a sweetheart neckline, accessorizing with sparkling Gigi Leung (R) and Castmates all showed up in soft creamy hues, a safe and wise choice.

Chie Tanaka looked like a blue balloon in this dress, it gave her no shape whatsoever.Chen Shu and Sarina both went with black and white gowns, while Chen Shu looked fab, Sarina looked like Count Dracula -_-

Source: Yule Sohu, Haibao and Getty