Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Award Show Fashion: 46th Taiwan Golden Bell Award

The 46th Golden Bell Awards aka Taiwan's version of the Emmy's brought the best in television together for a fancy night out.  I must say I was very impressed this time around.
The usually tomboyish Ella (from girl group S.H.E) looked feminine and stunning in this royal purple dress, held up by a thick gold chain.
A very pregnant Amanda Zhu was glowing in this gorgeous red one shouldered gown
Kimi Xia looked ready to walk down an aisle more than red carpet but still pulled off the look nicely in this white lace applique dress
Ji Pei Hui slicked back her hair to put focus on her sheer modern day qi pao
Sonia Sui showed a little more than leg on the red carpet in this high slit black dress..I guess it's a good thing she waxed -_-
Teng Xin was the big winner of the night, although the same could not be said about her dress, kind of makes her look like she has a third boob... 
Xiong Jia Jie also chose a black satin dress but with a peep of fuschia
Megan Lai took the safe route and opted for a simple black strapless dress
TV host Matilda Tao matched her shoes to her light brown strapless dress
Pink Yang  brought some texture to the mix with this one shouldered number
Amber An's halter dress looked sensational against her skin tone
Rainie Yang skipped the red carpet but worked it backstage in this navy dress paired with black leather gloves
Miss Ko stood out on the red carpet in this bright canary dress with jeweled embellishments
TV Host Janet channeled a South East Asian look for the red carpet
Penny Tseng picked a red off the shoulder dress and a messy updo to top it off
Qi Qin's red dress with a sweetheart neckline looked amazingly fitting for the occassion and her body
Li Jing's neck accessory really throws this look off, if (s)he's trying to hide her adam's apple, there are much better alternatives than a gold neck stretcher
Xiu Qin looks like a dragon lady with those gloves, did I miss the memo on gloves + evening dresses being cool again?
 Cindy Yen was trying way too hard to look sexy, I much prefer a curvier girl in a bandage dress than her to be honest
Effie Yuan in a ballerina explosion, way too much going on, lose the ruffle tulle skirt and maybe it could work 

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Award Show Fashion: 2011 Korea Drama Awards

There is nothing I love more than a good Korean drama. One that makes you laugh and bring you the occassional tears. But mostly I can't get over how stylish everyone looks in the dramas, I mean even the girl who is supposed to be poor is wearing Marc Jacobs 0_O Unrealistic but the fashion really does add to the character. I also can't get over how amazing these leading ladies looked on the red carpet at the 2011 Korean Drama Awards!
 Jeon Hye-Bin was super elegant in a black deep-v gown with a sexy lace back
Lee pa-ni chose a pink gown with pink stone embellishments

 Lee Yuri's studded ankle boots gave her red ruffle dress more of an edgy vibe 
Royal Family's Yeom Jung Ah decided not attract any attention with her cleave like some of the other ladies, but instead opted for a more sophisticated look in a three dimensional wrap dress.
 Yi Da Hui donned a silver gray dress that featured textured straps that brought the eye up
Im Soo Hyang stepped out in a curve hugging strapless black dress with a ruffled sweetheart neckline

Choi Song Hyun also opted for a short red dress and proved that camel toes are also possible with a dress 0_O
Gong hyeon ju's black textured mini was simple yet sexy