Thursday, September 16, 2010

Designer Spotlight: Derek Lam S/S 2011 Collection

Chinese-American designer Derek Lam is known as a minimalist when it comes to his designs, but personally I find him absolutely wearable; meaning I would walk onto the runway, grab it right off the model and wear it! Again we see more of the wide legged trousers and whites that we've seen all week except with cleaner lines.

You can never go wrong with a strong print for the summer

Looks like the 60s are back!

I like fitted clothing so those are the ones I decided to feature. Very casual and perfect for work, I really hope Derek considers doing a collaboration line with Ann Taylor; now that would be a match made in fashion heaven!

I rate this collection 3/5 runways!

Do you prefer simple and wearable or unique and Gaga-like? Let me know in the comments below!