Thursday, September 9, 2010

Designer Spotlight: Richard Chai S/S 2011 Collection

It's New York City Fashion Week and as hundreds of celebrities and people in the fashion industry flock to the shows at Lincoln Center, I am at home watching the shows from my television or computer :( But that's ok, at least we still get a chance to check out the Spring/Summer 2011 collections.

I wanted to share with you guys this wonderful article in the NY Times about the rise of Asian designers making their presence known in the American fashion industry; I'm so proud of them!

Since my blog is about Fashionable Asians, I will only be featuring my favorites from the runways of various Asian designers that are showing this week. Looking at the schedule, I'm going to have a busy week updating this blog, but I am really happy that Asian designers are getting more recognition in the American fashion industry.

Starting off the Asian Designer Spotlight with Korean designer Richard Chai. Chai kept things structured and casual in his sportswear collection with an array of sheer fabrics, neutral/nude colors and wide legged pants.

I am loving the color of this blazer!

I had pants just like these when I was in high school (which was about 7 years ago), except with a lot less fabric!

All photo credits to NYTimes/Getty Images, see the rest of the collection here.

I felt that his collection was a bit muted, colorwise for a Spring/Summer collection, but I am loving the widelegged pants, such a great detour from all the skinnies! When the models are walking in those pants, they look like long flowy skirts. The only problem is that the exageratted wideleg is difficult for a woman of my size (I'm only 5' tall) to pull off, all that extra fabric would just swallow me up! The colors may say Fall/Winter but the sheer silk tops/bottoms scream Spring/Summer.

I rate this collection 3/5 runways.

What did you think of Chai's S/S Collection? Let me know in the comments below! :)