Friday, March 25, 2011

3.1 Phillip Lim Sample Sale for Japan

3.1 Phillip Lim is having a sample sale (3/24-25 TODAY's the last day!) and proceeds go towards Red Cross relief efforts in Japan. When I first heard about it via Twitter, I was so excited because 1. Lim is one of my favorite Asian designers 2. It's for a great cause and 3. I may finally get to own a piece of his work!
It was my first time going to a designer sample sale and the experience was quite overwhelming! There was a line out the building but good thing it was only about a 15-20 minute wait and when we got upstairs there were tons of chic city girls raiding the racks of clothing and piles of accessories!

I wanted the dress with the scallop trim so badly but before going in I made a deal with myself to only buy something less than $100! Someday... :*(

The moshpit of accessories @_@ There were some really cute shoes but my feet are too small for sample sizes (which are usually a 8 or 9) -__-

My friend Tony got these beastly shoes for $100! Loves it!

And I came out with this awesome top! Retail Price:$495, Sample Sale:$100

Still a bit pricey but I have justified it as charity shopping so my wallet won't feel too guilty, ahem. haha I love that I can wear it in the winter as a vest or summer as a tank, super versatile and you can bet that I will make it worth the money! There's still a couple hours left for the sale so if you live in NY get out there and shop for a good cause!! ;)

Monday, March 21, 2011

Award Show Fashion: 2011 Asian Film Awards

The Hong Kong Film Festival officially started with the 2011 Asian Film Awards! And everyone who was anyone in the Asian film industry came out for the festivities. Looking at the results I felt that the awards went to the right people, now let's see if you guys agree with me on my fashion awards!

How hot does actress Zhang Ziyi look in this Christian Dior? All the Chinese sites are going "it was too sexy because it looks like lingerie," but oh those prudes what do they know! Unfortunately its from Dior's 2010 S/S collection, does that mean Ziyi is losing her star power?
Mandy Lieu stole the spotlight in red hot number.

Carina Lau in a ruffled one shoulder Valentino gown with her husband actor Tony Leung. Xu Ying in a frilly embellished dress that perfectly accentuated her hourglass figure An Qi kept things simple yet sexy in a black deep-v dress.

Marie Zhuge is a gorgeous coral dress and Richie Ren in a daring leopard printed Givenchy suit.

Joan Chen in a white chiffon gown that accentuated her fabulous body and had great movement when she walked the red carpet.
Angelica Lee opted for a simple yet chic one shoulder cobalt satin dress.

Lin Peng in an elegant one shoulder Alex Wang S/S 2011 collection dress.

Kara Hui went with simple belted teal frock
Alice Ke donned this ruffled all over skin toned dress to the awards.Yi Fei Tang cannot make this dress work for her life, the design is just sloppy and the colors are so dull.
Xu Fan, oh what is this mess she calls a dress?! Unfortunately this Tibetan monk look does not work on a red carpet.
Yang Mi in a half see through Alex Wang dress with actor Ming Dao. The dress just fails to impress, there's nothing special about it and the top part just lacks effort.
Actor Chow Yun Fat and his wife; she needs to know that the dress makes her look saggy, you know where ladies -___-
Overall, not the most exciting red carpet to date but white is becoming a popular color choice for many Asian celebs. I'd much rather see them in brighter colors such as corals, reds and fuschias; those colors look the best against Asian skin, they just do something to a girl's complexion.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Raid My Closet Saturday

WOW I haven't done a Raid My Closet post in a loooonnnggg time! Finally had some time to camwhore a bit this weekend ;P So happy that Spring is here, can't wait to pack away the puffy coats and break out the trench coats!
DVF jacket, Urban Outfitters ruffle tank, Ann Taylor Loft jeans, H&M aviators, Marc Jacobs key necklace, Flea market find sequined belt
F21 sweater, Gap vest, H&M skirt, 'A' necklace from Japan, Ulzzang glasses from
Blouse from Kohls, Club Monaco mesh top, Ann Taylor Loft jeans, H&M scarf, Anne Klein NY watch
Big Bang Uniqlo t-shirt, Calvin Klein blouse, Uniqlo jeans, Ann Taylor belt

Can I be a fan girl for just a second? xD I was so excited when I found out that the Big Bang (Korean group of male hotties) t-shirts were being sold at the Uniqlo in Soho, NY; unfortunately they debuted them on a MONDAY and I couldn't get the
re till Saturday! Not a surprise to me (since they sold out in 15 minutes in Korea and Japan) when I got there all they had left were Daesung's shirt in large and xl, but lucky me I found the last Medium! I really wanted the black one that TOP wears in the ad but oh well, better luck next time! At least I still got to support my guys in hopes that one day they'll have a concert in New York!

Just want to mention, my friend in Japan said that Second Harvest Japan is a great place to donate to help the victims of the Japan earthquake and tsunami get food and clean water! Of course you can also donate to the Red Cross, they have been doing an amazing job over in Japan! Every little bit counts, so do what you can.
GAMBATE JAPAN! You can get through this!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Praying for Japan

So sad about what happened in Japan and I was really worried about my friend who lives in Sapporo, but she is ok. She said that the earthquake made her feel like she was on a rocky boat ride but her city was relatively unharmed. Thank God! Sigh* I had bought tickets to go to Japan at the end of this month but it looks like I will have to cancel, unfortunately American Airlines only extended their cancellation without fees policy till March 18th so looks like I'll have to pay a cancellation fee as my flight is for the 25th :( sigh* But it's ok... I'll pay it for my safety and so that my mom and family aren't going to be worried about me. Let's hope they extend their policy!!! There's always next year, unless... ok I'm not going to jinx it, I'll just keep that negative thought to myself. Let's all just keep Japan in our thoughts and help by donating if you can.


Sunday, March 6, 2011

Tokyo Girls Collection Spring/Summer 2011

Tokyo Girls Collection - The biggest fashion show in the East just wrapped up another successful season, with over 23,000 people in attendance, 24 collections and live streaming on Youtube for the first time ever! The thing I love most about TGC is that unlike fashion shows in NY, Paris, etc, the runway at this show is like a dance floor at a club, the models are all smiles and the atmosphere is carefree, relaxed -not a show that Anna Wintour would enjoy but everyone is there to enjoy the clothes and music (K-pop group 2PM performed this year). Those lucky enough to be close to the stage even get a chance to catch and keep the accessories that the models throw out into the crowd! It is my dream to be able attend a TGC show one day, they always look like so much fun ;P

Uniform fashion [aka JK fashion] has been really popular in Japan the past couple of years, thanks to a J-pop girl group called AKB48. The school girl style has given Japanese girls a creative outlet so that no two 'uniforms' are ever alike. They even contests to see who can create the most kawaii and unique school girl looks.

The perfect casual everyday summer look: a flowy skirt, loafers and a boyfriend blazer

Bows will never go out of style

Loving this different take on the maxi dress!
The summer safari look for the city gal with wedge shoes and a lace coverup.

I predict that this is the only time socks with sandals would be accepted! But if I see anyone wearing socks with crocs, I will create a wall of fashion shame for you on my blog!!! This is how you mix classic and nautical styles together, kawaii ne~

Exactly what I'd like to wear to a picnic at the park

Sexy Minnie Mouse Librarian look? Oh, who cares what it's called, it's super kawaii!
Strappy wedges are undeniably THE shoe to have this summer!

Native American / Tribal style? The prints and patterns and feathers just screams New Mexico desert to me; road trip anyone?

Florals are always a must for a Spring/Summer collection, but FRUITS? I'd be more impressed if there were real fruits on it and the model pulled them off to eat as she walked/danced on the runway lol

I wants to play Twister ON him ;P

Looking at this collection makes me feel like summer can't get here any sooner!!! There were over 80 models, plenty of great outfits that I didn't feature so click here to see what else was shown at TGC!
What summer trends are you looking forward to?

Thursday, March 3, 2011

b+ab X Angelababy Spring/Summer 2011 Collection

Last summer, I posted about Hong Kong model Angelababy's foray into the fashion world with her first collection for fall/winter 2010. Yesterday, b+ab debuted their latest collection for Spring/Summer 2011. Feminine florals, ruffles, crop tops, maxi dresses ... basically everything a summer collection should have is in this one! And how befitting, the name of the collection is "Hawaii Summer," definitely what I would love to wear on a trip to a tropical island or even just to the beach in the Hamptons (ok so maybe not the Hamptons ... more like dirty ole Jones Beach for me lol) If I get the chance to go to Hong Kong this year, I'd love to check out this store, so perfect for a girly girl like me! And I must say Angela looks gorgeous in the promotional pics!

Love what you see? Click here to view the rest of the collection ;)