Thursday, August 19, 2010

Drama Fashion: Beauty Knows No Pain

I've been watching a Hong Kong TVB drama called Beauty Knows No Pain, a show about the pain women experience in their lives and workplace. There is nonstop competition between these women in the workplace and for what? money? power? bragging rights? If I worked at a place like that, I think I would've quit before lunch time on the first day! lol Here's some of the office fashion that I couldn't help but oogle at while watching the drama unfold each episode:

Tried to find the white top that Chrissy in the Chatterbox requested, Do you see it here? :

I just realized that they wear a lot of dark colors on this show, perhaps the stylist was trying to convey the depressing atmosphere of working in an office with a queen bitch for a boss! Hopefully none of you have to deal with a devil at work ;)