Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Music Video Fashion: Taiwan

Although the clothes seen in most music videos aren't exactly the type of clothes you'd see on everyday people, they give us inspiration for our own styles and creativity to DIY. The Lady Gaga effect has taken over Asia as a lot of singers try to go over the top and make a statement in their music videos. Here are a few that caught my eye these past couple of weeks.

Always the risk taker Taiwanese singer Jolin Tsai features some unique outfit choices in her comeback this summer, including a Buzz Lightyear inspired costume that was heavily criticized by netizens.

Sammi Cheng in a paper dress for her return to the mandarin pop scene.
The girls from S.H.E sure know how to strike a pose in even the most offbeat outfits
Terry Kwan looked stunning and sparkly in a disco ball inspired dress for her "Beautiful Every Second" mv
Would you ever wear any of the outrageous clothes you see in music videos?


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