Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Award Show Fashion: 48th Golden Horse Awards

Over the weekend, Taiwan held the 48th Golden Horse Awards, their version of the Oscars. And the ladies dressed just as fashionable as their Hollywood counterparts. I must say these ladies are a bit more modest about showing their cleave than some of the HK celebs...

Tang Wei looked more like princess than that Kate girl in this light pink Valentino from the Resort 2012 collection.  Wei has never disappointed me before in her red carpet outfits, let's hope she continues to 'wow' us!
Ella Chen looked ultra femme in a pleated charcoal Andrew Gn dress from F/W 2011. I am always shocked when she wears dresses because I'm so used to seeing her as a tomboy.
Vivian Hsu is always one to beat on the red carpet, she showed up in a sequined Salvatore Ferragamo featuring a v-neck and a high slit. She always gets the best dresses and sponsored the nicest bling!
Carina Lau wore a form fitting gradient Atelier Versace gown from S/S 2011, working it like a true diva
Angelica Lee was a vixen in this body hugging strapless red satin dress
 Aoi Miyazaki beaded dress seemed a bit overwhelming for her thin frame
Hao Lei picked a Fan Qi Hui original design, she just needed some neck bling to make a simple look stand out more, otherwise it's a great teal color.
Jiang Wenli wore a Naeem Khan floral embroidered black dress that was both age appropriate and chic
Kara Hui chose a stand out chartreuse dress with tiered chiffon ruffles
Bowie Tseng also opted for a strapless chartreuse colored gown but with a jewel encrusted sweetheart neckline, I must say it looks a bit ill fitting in the bust area
Pink Yang wore a dress by Shiatzy Chen, I like the peep of ivory colored ruffles under the sheer black fabric
Qin Hailu tulle dress was not a favorite of mine, the puff sleeve looked to '80's prom for me 
Michelle Chen opted for a blush dress with rosettes and petals strewn about, it was both youthful and sweet
Tanaka Chie kept it simple and classy in a maroon Xia Zi Li original
Shu Qi in Giorgio Armani; looks like she's a clown on stilts with these large flared bell bottoms, instead of elongating her legs it just swallowed them up. I did however like the blazer which was actually backless
Rene Liu wore a white Lanvin that was just tragic...it was frumpy, shapeless and made her look like a paper towel roll


f i o n a (miss.tea) said...

I think asian red carpet fashion is so much more interesting than western red carpet fashion haha. My favourite would have to be janet chow's dress- she defs looks like a princess dripping in diamonds xx misstea & co.

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