Monday, August 29, 2011

Award Show Fashion: 14th Annual HuaBiao Film Awards

I hope the 'wrath' of Hurricane Irene didn't ruin everyone's weekend on the east coast! Thankfully I had electricity throughout otherwise I would've been super bored and wouldn't have known that there was an award show in China for the best in film! I was surprised to see how much black lace dresses there were on this red carpet, Lace is a definite must have this season! Will you be wearing it?

Yuan Li in a revealing lace dress. I know what you're thinking, "What was she thinking?!" I see Paris, I see France, I see Yuan Li's underpants! Well at least she wasn't wearing granny panties like Taylor Swift, now that would've been embarrasing! Even though I am a bit more slender than Li, I don't have the self confidence to ever wear something like this without a slip!
Zhang Ziyi in a much more modest yet still sexy gown by Tom FordZhang Jing Chu also opted for a long sleeved lace dress by Christian Dior, though I wish she had paired it with a clutch rather than a mini purse, it made it look too casual.

Cheng Ting Jia is wearing what I consider to be the perfect amount of lace on any outfit, Loved this look!
Angelababy looked youthful and chic in a lace bow adorned Valentino dress paired with a fun feathery gray clutch
Chow Yun Fat's wife also couldn't resist the urge to have a bit of lace on the bell of her sleeves, but seriously whoever dresses this woman needs to be fired. I don't think I've ever liked anything she's worn, everything is frumpy and shapeless!
Zhou Dong Yu looked age appropriate in this short black and white leaf appliqued dress

Eva Huang isn't afraid of mixing prints in this long sleeved dress
Zhou Xun is almost always in Chanel at every red carpet and it suits her perfectly
HK girl group Twins' Gillian and Charlene both opted for black dresses but Charlene wins my vote for best dressed twin in her long sheer (with a slip) dress with a sweetheart neckline.
Tang Wei (L) in Roberto Cavalli and Kara Hui both went with patterned v-neck dresses
Gong Li looked graceful and tan (even when she fell on stage lols) in this strapless black Alex Wang evening gown
Xu Fan opted for a traditional qi pao
Sammi (not afraid to admit she has a chest flatter than an airport tarmac) Cheng, shows that she's still got it at the age of 39 by wearing this forest green assymetrical cutout dress. Va-va-va-voom!
Jiang Wen Li also couldn't resist picking out a black v-neck dress for the event in Beijing
Sandra Ng, the big winner of the night, failed to impress in a plain black scoop neck dress. Yawn.
Joey Yung (L) has never been afraid to experiment with fashion but I don't really get this outfit... is she supposed to be a lamp shade? and Yumiko Cheng (R) went for a simple metallic gunmetal jumper, but homegirl forgot to accessorize!
Annie Yi chose to attend in this Christian Dior lace appliqued pastel gown that failed to really dazzle
Yang Mi went with a neutral gown that was perfect for her shape
Yan Ni went in last season's favorite nude colored dress
Michelle Yeoh (far right) who knew she was still around?! looked gorgeous in this princess pink gown with floral beading [with John Woo and his wife]
Crystal Liu looked beautiful in this soft pink tiered ruffle gown
Material Queen's Lynn Xiong glowed in her ruffled salmon gown
(Drama Fashion: Material Queen coming soon!!)
Kitty Zhang, you can;t see in this photo but this red hot dress has a long slit up to there
Liu Xiao Qing is not impressing anyone in this gold tone dress with a cape, the necklace is also too big for this dress, a dainty one goes a long way

Which lace dress was your favorite? Leave a comment below!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Japanese Summer Festival at Mitsuwa

I know, I haven't blogged in a gabillion months and a zillion weeks; to be honest I lost some inspiration after my vacation to South America (I knew I should've gone to Asia!) But I am back! Hope you guys will come back with me!

Today, I went to check out the Japanese Summer Festival at Mitsuwa = A day full of food, games and of course shopping!

Rheea and Co. top, Old Navy shorts, Forever21 patent quilted purse, Franco Sarto strappy wedges

My friend J in her floral yukata (A yukata 浴衣 is a casual summer kimono usually made of cotton)

I love anything with bows

The food was totally worth the drive

I really want my own yukata now! :P Now this is a talented drum circle!

A kawaii little girl in a yukata came to play the drums with me, so adorbs!

Still praying for Japan, I hope things continue to improve, I heard they shut down elevators and escaltors in parts of Japan to save energy :/

Hope ya'll are having a great weekend! More posts coming soon!