Monday, April 30, 2012

Award Show Fashion: 48th Baeksang Arts Awards

Finally a Korean red carpet that isn't littered in black dresses! Well there were still some, but there was lot a more color this time around.  Let's take a moment to oogle at some fashionable Korean actresses...
Kang So Ra left her awkward Dream High 2 character behind and showed up in this sexy blue leopard printed Salvatore Ferragamo dress
Hong Soo Ah's floral dress was perfect for the season, though I wished she had put a little more effort into her hair
 Han Hyoju flesh toned dress was jazzed up with some silver accents but they didn't help to accentuate her body at all
There is always someone who wears lace to a red carpet event and this time it was Hye-eun Kim in this maxi black lace dress with sleeves
Kim Min Hee's white lace embroidered dress does nothing for her figure
Kim Ah Joong stunned in this black Stella McCartney dress with a gold metal belt
Kong Hyo Jin made me yawn with the amount of effort she put into this look
Lim Soo Hyang's safe and simple strapless dress could've been played up more with bright accessories
 Park Shin Hye was the only lady in red at this awards show and she stood out fabulously accessorizing with a white clutch
Suzy knows how to dress her age  in this sweet cream dress with a bubble skirt; unlike most Hollywood actresses who all can't wait to grow up
 This outfit reminded me of a baby nun for some reason...
Uhm Jung Hwa played up her open neckline with a large gold statement piece, but with such an overwhelming piece she could've left the dangling earrings for another time
Yoo In Na voluminous navy blue tulle dress didn't manage to swallow her up completely
Afterschool's UEE kept her look sweet and youthful in this white embroidered and ruffle dress

Um, so are there a lack of hairstylists in S. Korea or something?


Frances said...

lol! their hairstyles do seem to be a bit plain @_@ my favorite is Suzy! her overall style suits her pretty well (: the floral dress is pretty too

Izzy said...

haha! I agree, the stars do look gorgeous in their black dresses but sometimes it gets quite boring. My fave is probably Uee's ensemble! her dress is so feminine and pretty, and the hair really adds a childish, dainty feel <3

Floortje said...

I really like your blog dear!
Keep posting!

suki pooki said...

I really love the last dress! It's so pretty and fresh!

re: Ditto about the shopping in HK! I miss it a lot and usually save all my beans to go on a shopping trip in HK, I hope you get to go back soon!

Alley said...

OMG pictures 3, 4, 6,7, & 8 are gorgeous. I'd wear each and every one of those dresses.

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