Sunday, June 26, 2011

Award Show Fashion: MTV Video Music Awards Japan

I found it very fitting that Lady Gaga performed at the MTV Video Music Awards in Japan this weekend. Her eclectic style fit right in with the atmosphere (I take that back, everyone else was quite modest looking tbh) Even though she was without an egg, Gaga was still able to make a statement with her studded 6 inch platforms and the illusion of bulging eyes drawn on her eyelids.

Singer Beni and host of my favorite show in Japan, Tokyo Kawaii TV, showed up on the red carpet in a chic green floral mini dress and strappy high heels

Thelma Aoyama wore a drappy black mini (which I love the pattern of btw) paired with nude pumps

J-Pop girl group Shibuhara was the only group to not coordinate outfits and I kinda wish they did because they do not look like a group at all -__-
Namie Amuro also chose a modest look for the show in a simple black dotted dress
Michi's black and white outfit caught my interest with its voluminous skirt and matching black and white shoes!
Kana Nishino wore a ruffled champagne mini dress (definitely a popular trend this award show season)
K-Pop turned J-Pop girl group Girl's Generation are the queens of outfit coordination! Even Destiny's Child have nothing on them!
DJ Kaori has a lot going on in one outfit, ruffles, sequins, stripes and the large head piece reminds me of the Royal Wedding :P
Anna Tsuchiya failed to impress in this long white sheer dress. I thought the Japanese were fearless in their fashion!
The J-pop girl group AKB48 that made school uniforms cool are now trying to make the Alice in Wonderland meets military look work... I really don't think this look works unless you're under the age of umm..10! Nice try girls!

Source: Getty

Can you believe this is the first ever Japanese red carpet ever covered on this blog?! Let me know if you're interested in Japanese fashion and I'll try to feature it more often, no matter how quirky it is!


Maeve Rachel said...

I love Singer Beni's dress! So cute! And the champagne one on Kana Nishino is so pretty and chic too =)

MeiBelle said...

I love Kana's outfit! Namie is gorgeous as well.

I had no idea Girls Generation became a J-Pop group!

Mara said...

Im not too big on J-pop but I still love how your covered the fashion. You are right though, I'm surprise no one was truly outrageous...GAGA and her eyes are hilarious.....LOL

Tanja-Mia said...

love love love!

follow me ;)

Patrycja said...

nice blog :)

cristina petre said...

stylish ladies!

Sarah said...

Shibuhara Girls aren't a girl group LOL. They have their own MTV show kinda like the hills. Two are singers and two are models I believe

Love Beni's outfit

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Mie Helal said...

I really like it when folks get together and share opinions

lamiss ibrahim said...

I definitely love this site.

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