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Drama Fashion: Royal Family

I got over 2,700 views for my last drama fashion post for "Secret Garden", so I hope you guys enjoy this drama fashion post! I decided to go with Korean drama "Royal Family" because the fashion was just my style; classy business chic. While it has no real Queens or Kings, the Royal Family is about a powerful family that owns pretty much everything in Korea and it's second daughter in law Kim In Sook who gets ignored by the family and later plots to take over the JK Group with the help of lawyer Han Ji Hoon from her mysterious past. This drama is full of drama and tears and rich people schemes; kind of reminded me of Gossip Girl. By episode 12, I felt the series dragged on too long but the acting was good and the ending was unexpected.

Yum Jung Ah as Kim In Sook
Her style is feminine, chic and her closet is full of romantic ruffle tops, solid blazers and pencil skirts from Calvin Klein, Phillip Lim and Ralph Lauren.

Top Ten Kim In Sook Outfits

My favorite character wardrobe was Cha Ye Ryun as Jo Hyun Jin. She is described as a fashionista careerwoman and the youngest daughter of the Royal Family. Phillip Lim, Marc Jacobs clothing and Tory Burch accessories are what would fill her closets.
Here are her top ten looks: It's not a Korean drama without an amazing cape coat!

Jun Mi Sun as Im Yoon Seo, the eldest daughter in law has a sassy style that reflects her conniving and diva personality. Her wardrobe would not be complete without something from Rebecca Taylor, Vera Wang and D&G.

Seo Yoo Jung plays Yang Ki Jung, the bitchy scheming third daughter-in-law of the Royal Family. She has a more edgy wardrobe with plenty of leathers and animal prints that would feature items from Alexander Wang, DVF and Tory Burch accessories.

Blazers with an exaggerated shoulder give the impression of a strong powerful woman, so even if you aren't one you can always fake it with what you wear like Yang Ki Jung did!

All images from MBC

Overall the style in this drama was phenom, but the storyline could've been condensed, it just dragged on forever...

Anyways, which Royal lady matches your style the most?


socialitedreams said...

your favorite character has my favorite looks as well! awesome clothes all around :D


Ellen ♥ said...

I love their fashion! Korean fashion it is! :) Love the loose top and lace tops. They really have a sense of fashion. :)

Maeve Rachel said...

Great post! Love some of the outfits! =)

Lisa said...

i love korean fashion too!! i think i'm def more the first girl.. lots of blush tones and lace :)

i swear korean ppl do the cape so well hahaha.. nobody can pull off a cape better then ppl in a korean drama! when i wear a cape i look like a turd hahaha

Katherine said...

Wow the ladies on this show look so fashionable! I think that Korean TV shows have the best fashion :)

Mimi said...

i love their clothes! that is one stylish drama! :D

<3, Mimi

Henar said...

Aww, this is lovely,
I love it!

Henar ♥

m i s s . t e a said...

THE GREEN CAPE COATTTTT! and the two toned maroon-cream coats are my favourite :D

Joey said...

Ah, the chaebols in Korea!
Thanks for sharing this! Love how you collected different shots of the actresses's outfits.
I'm not sure which character most matches my style as I think theirs is a bit more sophisticated. I still enjoyed checking out their outfits, though

Aney said...

Okay this is definitely on my to-watch. I'm actually going to download it right now - it seems so interesting and even better when the actors are all so fashionable!

I was in love with secret garden - practically cried in most of the episodes (well the last few). It was so gooood so hopefully this one will be just as good (if not better)!! Thank you for sharing :)

Rinny said...

I haven't watched this drama but I love all the jackets and outerwear :D

Song Anh said...

I think it's so useful that you're doing this! Although I haven't seen this drama but there are times where I am dying to know what the actresses are wearing in some of the dramas I've watched but have no way of finding out. I'm currently watching "Lie To Me" and some of the outfits on there are cute too. But yeah, totally love what you are doing! Keep these coming! :)

Cup of Fashion

BenchesandChandeliers said...

i love the dramatic fashion in korean dramas recently! all the pieces are uniquely bold and stylish.

Sisters and Sisters said...

love your blog its so nice and lovely !

do you wanne follow us ? than we can follwo you back


Doryfish said...

aaahh nice you're represnting the asians yo! hehe, i'm following u girl.

BLING eGarden said...

another Korean drama.....maybe can find out the latest korean fashion for both cloth and fashion accessories.....

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