Monday, March 21, 2011

Award Show Fashion: 2011 Asian Film Awards

The Hong Kong Film Festival officially started with the 2011 Asian Film Awards! And everyone who was anyone in the Asian film industry came out for the festivities. Looking at the results I felt that the awards went to the right people, now let's see if you guys agree with me on my fashion awards!

How hot does actress Zhang Ziyi look in this Christian Dior? All the Chinese sites are going "it was too sexy because it looks like lingerie," but oh those prudes what do they know! Unfortunately its from Dior's 2010 S/S collection, does that mean Ziyi is losing her star power?
Mandy Lieu stole the spotlight in red hot number.

Carina Lau in a ruffled one shoulder Valentino gown with her husband actor Tony Leung. Xu Ying in a frilly embellished dress that perfectly accentuated her hourglass figure An Qi kept things simple yet sexy in a black deep-v dress.

Marie Zhuge is a gorgeous coral dress and Richie Ren in a daring leopard printed Givenchy suit.

Joan Chen in a white chiffon gown that accentuated her fabulous body and had great movement when she walked the red carpet.
Angelica Lee opted for a simple yet chic one shoulder cobalt satin dress.

Lin Peng in an elegant one shoulder Alex Wang S/S 2011 collection dress.

Kara Hui went with simple belted teal frock
Alice Ke donned this ruffled all over skin toned dress to the awards.Yi Fei Tang cannot make this dress work for her life, the design is just sloppy and the colors are so dull.
Xu Fan, oh what is this mess she calls a dress?! Unfortunately this Tibetan monk look does not work on a red carpet.
Yang Mi in a half see through Alex Wang dress with actor Ming Dao. The dress just fails to impress, there's nothing special about it and the top part just lacks effort.
Actor Chow Yun Fat and his wife; she needs to know that the dress makes her look saggy, you know where ladies -___-
Overall, not the most exciting red carpet to date but white is becoming a popular color choice for many Asian celebs. I'd much rather see them in brighter colors such as corals, reds and fuschias; those colors look the best against Asian skin, they just do something to a girl's complexion.


Joey said...

Thanks for the update! Man, I miss keeping up with HK ent news. Do you know where I can watch a repeat of the awards?
Love Mandy Lieu's dress the best! Hahaha Tibetan monk! That's exactly what I thought when I saw the pic!
I actually quite like Yang Mi's dress, tbh. While I agree the top is pretty plain, the half see through is totally in trend and I like the prints a the bottom :)

Catherine Au Jong said...

the dresses are really pretty!


Wida said...

They all look amazing!

Missing Amsie Blog

Brittany said...

i'm a quarter japanese and i think asian women are the prettiest ever!! so glad i found your blog, you are gorgeous too! :) new follower

little lady -

Harija said...

You have a great blog and I wondering if you want to follow each other

My Lyfe ; My Story

laboratory coats said...

wow i really love those men coats! They do wear and look elegant congratulation to all the winners.

Fabulous Fashion Finds said...

I love Joan Chin's dress, I want that for my wedding:)

Juillet Clair said...

Love Xu Ying & Lin Peng dress :D said...

i think zhang zi yi looks gorgeous here! and tony and carina are such a power couple :)

love, M

horn scarf rings said...

They are so gorgeous. I love it.

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Kim Chariz said...

I agree with Zhang Zi Yi being the best dressed. She deserves it.

scarf rings lover

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