Sunday, December 5, 2010

Award Show Fashion: TVB Anniversary Awards 2010

It's a pic heavy post today as I dish out the best and worst dressed at the 43rd Hong Kong TVB Anniversary Awards! There is a whole lotta black!

Best actress Sheren Tang and Best Actor Wayne Lai won for the series No Regrets (click here for my Drama Fashion post on this show)
Sheren oozed old Hollywood glamour in this all black gown and curled hair.
Fan favorite Charmaine Sheh looked ravishing in this black lace gown
Selina Li and Elaine Yiu both shined in gorgeous purple hues and plenty of bling
Samantha Ko stole the spotlight in this bright red Chinese style embroidered gown, while Michael Tse opted for a cute nerdy look
Nancy Wu paired her feminine black embellished and lace dress with strappy platform shoes and Joel Chan added some color with his bright pink loafers
Fala Chen stayed neutral with this gray one shoulder frock
Ron Ng and Tavia Yeung didn't lack any flair in this bright body hugging gown
Aimee Chan always plays it safe in yet another all black dress and leather gloves (which would've been even more fab if she had long ones like Sheren)
DoDo Cheng hosted the show in this pale pink number
Pierre Ngo and Kara Hui looking regal in this coral gown
Kate Tsui in a black gown featuring a large white ruffled rosette while Kenneth Ma looked absolutely charming in his suit
Lee Si Kay in what looks like a purple nightgown and Susanna Kwan stealing her spotlight in a perfectly fitted cream and black dress
Steven Ma and Linda Chung in a flamenco style fuschia dress with cascading ruffles, I like the color but I don't like the flowers on the shoulder
Best supporting actor Mac Bao and Mei Yi Kong in an assymetrical accordian dress that could've been played up even more with sparklier jewelry
Natalie Tong, Kenny Wong and Kristal Tin all kept things nice and simple
Former Ms. HK Skye Chan opted for a pastel green dress with a plunging v-neck
Alvina looked like she was working the streets instead of the red carpet in a mini skirt and fur vest and her messy bouffant. Yikes!
Queenie Chu, Derek Kwok and Mimi Lo just knew they had to stand together and accept worst dressed, do I really have to explain why?
Michelle Yim who normally oozes elegance, failed to impress this year in this grey ensemble that can't seem to decide if it wants more embellishments or ruffles.
Toby Leung should not be this happy being the worst dressed of the night :T The avant garde military dress should be nowhere near a glamourous red carpet!
Let's hear it, leave your red carpet fashion comments below! ;)


MeiBelle said...

It's awesome to find a blog that showcases Asia's fashion trends. Love it!!

Pop Champagne said...

the fuschia dress with ruffles is my fav! it stands out so much and I love that barbie color

betty; said...

hey thanks for the follow :D i love reading about fashionable asians <3

P o o p e r said...

Alvina looked like she was working the streets

This is seriously hilarious! xD

Anonymous said...

love fala's dress, it was so beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Sheren, as much as I think she's great in so many ways, should've eased up on the rather severe-looking makeup, and needed some cinching in at the waist since she usually looks much slimmer. Apart from these two aspects, the whole ensemble was thoughtfully put together.

Charmaine's dress is too long, an asymmetrical hem would've looked more stylish, and a 3/4 sleeve and lower neckline needed to show more flesh to highlight her delicate frame.

Selina looks a litle pregnant and Elaine has no real boobs to carry off the dress really well, and both their hairstyles make them too old for their age.

Samantha is just sooo ugly, regardless of what she wears, esp this dres cos it's plain 100%hideous.

Nancy's dress needed to be a more vibrant, lighter colour (perhaps a beautiful shade of silver?) and again baffles me that so many HK females wear deep V but don't have the assets to do the V justice.

Fala also needed push-up bra support and needed a beautiful necklace to set off a dress that suits her nonetheless.

Tavia's dress is nothing spectacular and Aimee is boring with bad taste as usual.

Dodo's and Kara's dresses both needed more sparkle. A glittering silver long belt on the side for Kara would've set the dress off more beautifully. Otherwise, they both look good for their age.

Kate actually looks OK for once, esp her hair.

Louise looks terrible, more bloated than necessary, and Susanna I'm finding has quite good taste, always knows how to dress for her age.

Mei Yi's hair, makeup and dress all look awful -she should go for a more natural, less made-up look since her facial features are quite strong already.

Natalie looks delicately pretty and is quite a good dresser normally. Crystal should wear a dress that complements her beautiful skin colour, too pale and non-distinct for her.

Skye's dress colour is also not that complimentary since I think she looks much better in coral hues, and her necklace is just yuck.

Fala's dress was the best IMO. The colour and shape wins over the other dresses. Toby has the worst taste ever, and I read in another blog that she designed this tacky number herself!!!

For the guys,Pierre looks most dandy and stylish and most importantly suits his overall usual look.

Thanks for the photos, I enjoyed looking at them.

Susanne said...

My favorite was Linda Chung's dress and look. Wayne, Steven, and Ron looked charming and handsome! hot!

FashionableAsians said...

Jesus Christ "anonymous" that's quite an opinion you got there, I'm surprised you don't have a blog haha but you're right, I was being too nice xD

Mara said...

Elaine Yui's dress is my favorite. I love the thigh high slit. Very sexy, if I remember correctly Angelina Jolie wore a similar one. I don't follow alot of bloggers who blog about fashion but I love yours. Seriously. :)

Anonymous said...

Sorry Annie, I didn't mean to alarm you and hope I've haven't offended you either since that was not my intention at all :). I just wanted to express my opinions! BTW,you're right that I don't have a blog - I'm a technical dud and also don't have the time to maintain one.

I do think that the Worst Dressed group deserve their title. One wonders what they were thinking?!


FashionableAsians said...

@anonymous: it's ok I'm not offended I just never had someone leave such a long comment before ;P I hope you come back and leave some more critiques in the future I love your honesty :D

mellisaphie said...

gorgeous ladies!! I love Elaine Yiu dress :)

Advo said...

Linda: Overall not a bad dress. Great colour and pretty design. However, her chest and waist areas needed better definition.

Tavia: First of, absolutely loathe the hair! I don’t like short hair on Tavia, and I definitely hate the way she styled it. Then, the colour of her dress was kinda bleh. A hot red would have been better than that orange-red. And finally, the completely overkill of bling! It’s so ridiculously matchy-matchy and frankly TACKY! If she wanted the bling on her dress, she should have used more simple jewellery.

Fala: Pure understated elegance! Gorgeous dress and it fit her perfectly. I was also glad to see that she had her hair up. A bun would have been more elegant, but the ponytail is youthful. If you see the clip of her getting up to get her award, you can see how well and confidently she carried the dress.

Kate: For once, she looked good, albeit a little boring. Not much to say really. Her outfit neither excited me nor offended me.

Charmaine: Of all the Valentino dresses! Ugh. I was really disappointed to see Charmaine pick such a mature dress. Even though she styled her hair more playfully, it was not enough to outweigh the sombre-ness of her dress. I’m not really a huge fan of the hair either, but it’s especially a mismatch with that dress.

Sheren: I loved the look she was going for, although I thought the makeup was a little too severe. My problem with her dress is that it doesn’t look like it fit her well. Her waist and hips look gigantic!

Natalie: Bridesmaid dress is a totally appropriate description of Natalie’s dress. Boring, boring, boring.

Nancy: I thought her Emilio Pucci Fall 2010 was gorgeous! And, this is very much different from person to person, but I liked that her “assets” weren’t totally out there. A big cleavage would have made the dress look cheap/vulgar – not unlike Kate’s dress at the Lightening Ceremony. I also thought the hair and makeup was fine. With regards to jewellery – because the dress is rather ostentatious, it works better without much bling.

No comments to Toby, Mimi and Louise’ dresses.

I actually also want to comment on Kara’s dress. I thought it was a great and very youthful choice. She looked gorgeous. She has actually worn several great outfits lately. I also recall her Lightening Ceremony outfit which was very elegant. Looked very Chanel (maybe it even was.)

As for men:
I’m glad Ray looked decent as he often have bad taste. Steven, Kenneth and Ron all looked very suave. I’m not sure what Moses was thinking. Perhaps, he knew beforehand that he wasn’t winning anything but a consolation prize so he didn’t bother to make an effort. I also cannot believe Vincent Wong decided to age himself with 30 years by borrowing his grandfathers’ suit. Not only was it an ugly brown colour, but that pattern!!! It absolutely breaks my heart because Vincent is deliciously tall with his 186 cm. Not a fan of Raymond Wong’s suit, and I thought it was a little too matchy with Fala’s dress. Joel’s suit was so over-the-top and old. Michael Tse was underdressed and should lose the glasses. Derek’s suit was ugly and I don’t think I hate anything more than boots with a suit! Hmm, I just want to add that I actually like Queenie’s dress. A bold, but fresh colour and good design. It’s too bad that it’s easily overlooked because she arrived with Derek and Mimi, whose outfits screamed for attention. I hate Pierre’s belt-thing but otherwise, I don’t mind the plaid jacket. It’s more “fun” without being downright ugly. Unlike Vincent’s jacket, it’s an more interesting colour.

Just watched the arrival again...

Susanna looked elegant, but a tad boring.
Elane Kong's dress was also great because it wasn't the traditional floor-length gown. Do dislike the hair though.
Selena looked pregnant and the dress was too fussy.
But Raymond Cho looked very handsome and Elaine's dress was such a gorgeous colour!
Queenie Chu's dress was not as good as I thought because of the additional bright colour at the bottom of her dress.

Mr Lonely said...

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Anonymous said...

Best Dressed:Sheren Tang

-The look that she adopted is classic yet elegant.I like the way she looked that night except the hip area shouldnt include the flare.anyway,she has the gorgeous look.She has the sexy lips,the charming eyes and flattering figure.If her gown is abit tight fitting perhaps can enchance her look rather a flare near her waist/hips which makes her look meaty.

Average:Charmaine Sheh

-I dont really like her dress because it is too childish with such laces and puffy sleeves.Her hair sucks..i would rather prefer she let down her hair.But she is better dressed than other ppl.overall it isnt bad but just she cant seemed to pull it off.

Below Average:Tavia yeung/louise lee

-(Tavia)It isnt that she isnt pretty just bcuz her dress sucks.Firstly,the color doesnt look nice on her.Then,there are too much shining jewels to match the old red color.She looks like a clown/christmas tree in that night.Her short hair isnt gorgeous at all.She looks old .

-Louise-Everything is ok but the shape of the dress really lookes like a loose isnt gorgeous/elegant.She looks quite like a sloppy person in it.

Others:no comments(either nothing secial/boring)

Worst dressed:Toby leung

Overall:Last year 2009 dress are much more prettier than this year's.Tjis year the red carpet is abit disappointed.

The men are okay except ray and moses in such sloppy trenchcoat.Ray's shoes also looked wornout


I am watching the series No Regrets right now. It is sooo good. Of course, Ron Ng always have to look so damn good.. but Michael Tse is seriously growing on me.

Faboulista said...

I'm giving an amazing jeweled cuff away as a Christmas gift. you should enter it. its open to everyone worldwide!:)

The Little Dust Princess said...

Ahhh I'm loving all the dresses<33 I recognize a lot of my fave actors/actresses but I don't really know their names. xD

xx The Little Dust Princess

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Tsz Yan Au said...

Love Linda's dress!

Anyways love linda forever

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