Friday, December 17, 2010

Raid My Closet: Holiday Party Outfits

Happy Holidays Everyone! I can't wait till Friday, I finally get a 3 day weekend to just lounge around the house, doing nothing but watch dvds while eating pocky sticks and drinking hot chocolate! ;P This past weekend, I went through my closet to find some looks that would be great for different types of holiday parties. That's when I realized, I have way too many bow headbands and black dresses haha...

For a friend's holiday house party:

Ceci Tokyo dress, gifted pearl purse, H&M bow headband and earrings, Strawberry tights

For a holiday party at work:
Elie Tahari dress, H&M black glitter cardigan, Unlisted shoes, gifted clutch, rose brooch from St. Marks, H&M earrings and gold bangle, handmade bow headband
For a more casual holiday party:
Uniqlo velour turtleneck, Donna Karan NY skirt, Nine West Shoes, Ann Taylor purse, H&M bow headband and earrings
For a formal holiday party:
Ymayaba Paris dress, Mom's vintage faux fur coat, Lancome clutch, H&M black bow headband
I know... I have a lot of black dresses! I don't know why I have trouble buying colorful dresses! maybe it's because my mother always says "everything goes with black." There's also something about a bow headband that pulls a look together and give it that Holiday feel ;P
Have a happy holiday and happy partying! ^^


Elle said...

Love all of your outfits, especially the last. SO LUXE! What high roller party are YOU attending. :) One can never have too many black dresses (I have a ton too) and you look fab in black.

Rinny said...

You look great in all the dresses; I wish I had some fancy parties to go to this holiday so I can dress up haha. I'm only going to my bf's parents' house for Xmas dinner, so nothing formal xD

Mara said...

I love the Holiday party outfits that you put together. It's very "Blair Waldof-ish" especially with the bows but you look so proper and classy (which is great). Don't get me wrong but it makes me want to run to you and messy it all up and turn you into a rebel and skank you out. LMAO. I kid I kid. I'm not that evil.

Girl, you weren't the only ones having a hard time with the skanks in the GD&TOP mv. I wanted to choke slam the girl grinding with TOP and I'm not even into TOP as much as I am with Taeyang. LOL.....

jed said...

i love love the last outfit! you look so chic in it! especially loving the fur coat. =)

I Am DollParts

Lexy @ Quirky Explosion said...

Just stumbled on your blog and ahhh, you're so stylin'! I'm loving all these looks - especially the last one. That just screams LUXURY. You should be sippin' on some nice champagne and a beautiful restaurant with that one!

Check out mine?

Ninjagaiden78 said...

I like the first outfit. The red headband stands out nicely.

BTW, the best fashion is coming from Asia.

potpiedumonde said...

I am really loving these inspirational photos! love your blog! Happy holidays :)

mk - fashionblog said...

look in my Swedish blog

Shawn said...

New Years Eve is all about about making an impression with your style. Attention-grabbing dresses are usually par for the course.

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Anonymous said...

These looks are sure to turn heads not just during the holidays! You make fashion look effortless.

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