Saturday, October 2, 2010

Raid My Closet Saturdays

It's sweater season! The temperature dropped this week and I am feeling that tickle in my throat that says a cold is coming :( I got my bangs (or fringe if you're not from the US) cut and I think I look more Asian than's not a bad thing of course
Decided to go with some stripes this week (I have a lot of stripes in my closet...time to get some more prints to liven it up!)
or unbelted?
F21 black sequined tanktop, H&M sweater and belt, Uniqlo leggings

I'm catsitting for my neighbor this week, and he has been quite the pain, peeing on the floor instead of the litterbox! Does anyone know why a cat would do that?
F21 striped sweater and belt, H&M chunky knit sweater, Charlotte Russe jeans, Bass wedge sandals

Hope everyone is having a great weekend! =D


Anonymous said...

You do look more Asian with bangs!
but it's cute:)<3
and you actually have the perfect shape face for bangs.

I have that same sweater in the first two pics bytheway :D
I've been wearing it nonstop!

Mara said...

The striped H&M sweater in your 1st pic. I have and it's so lovely. It was such a great buy. :)

chung said...

Belted! It looks more chic that way.

Sherry Lou Studio said...

love the stripes! :) i like the first shirt belted AND unbelted! it can look great both ways!

Jennifer & Sherry

eesa said...

i love your hair! and those sweaters look ridiculously comfy.xx

Unknown said...

Definitely belted! It accentuates your waist more :)

Jen said...

Love the chunky knit sweater, I got the same one in black but returned it because I couldn't style it well! Haha :) You look great.


Anonymous said...

ah what a great sweater. i wonder if it's warm

Anonymous said...

hahaha I actually laughed out loud when you said they were closed sat and cause they were jewish. losing out on so much business!

Anonymous said...

Eek tickle in the throat, I'm get that feeling to ><
Great outfits!

Mandy said...

You have a lovely blog ! :)

Casey Marie;; said...

For sure belted, it's a lovely top :)

jan said...

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