Monday, October 18, 2010

Fashion at TVB's 43rd Annual Lighting Ceremony

Award Season is almost arriving in Hong Kong as TVB held their 43rd Annual Lighting Ceremony on Monday night. Aside from men dressing up as women (all for the sake of comedy of course) the top 'sisters' of TVB were all dressed to impress in a variety of little black party dresses.

I loved Sheren Tang's dress, the details on this dress are endless! Cutouts, gold embellishments on the shoulders and waist and zippered front; yet it manages to not look too busy.

Fala Chen in a dress perfectly suited to stand out against her pale skin

I forget her name, but homegirl on the right needs to pull her dress up :P

I think Sharon Chan (far right) looks a bit overdressed for the lighting ceremony but when you're in the back row, I guess no one sees you anyways... :P

I didn't know Kate Tsui was auditioning for the part of Cat Woman! SMH...

Linda Chung looking all grown up in a lacy mini dress, definitely not something I would've picked out for the quiet and demure Linda

Charmaine Sheh looked polished with her slicked back hair and chiffon LBD. I would've picked brighter/bolder accessories to go with a dress like this.

I always look forward to the TVB Anniversary Award show, not only to see who won, but also who wore what. There are always some bad fashion to be had at one of these things haha I can't wait!!!


m0chiii said...

shareng teng's dress is gorgeous !!

Unknown said...


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Anonymous said...

Omg I actually recognize these people because I watch their shows dubbed in Viet hahaha! =D

Henar said...

I love this outfits!!! They look gorgeous, great post!!

PearlsAndGreenTea said...

Love the first dress! Some of the worst dressed are really, really bad!

Unknown said...

gosh, those worst dressed outfits are terrible! loll.
i like your blog :) :)

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xoxo, Lisa

Unknown said...

They all look stunning!!

Love Nana

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