Saturday, October 30, 2010

Award Show Fashion: 47th Grand Bell Awards & 2010 Singapore Hit Awards

Two major award shows happened yesterday in Asia and there were lots of beautiful dresses and cute guys to oogle at! Here's the award show fashion rundown:
Honestly, if there wasn't a red carpet and smiley faces I would've thought this was a funeral; so much black! I know the economy is bad so shouldn't we bring in some optimism with bright colors? I was VERY disappointed...

Big Bang's T.O.P! So happy that he won an award, well deserved and he was so dashing in this quilted suit! This guy knows his fashion, he always looks so pulled together and H.O.T! haha

Min Hyo Rin in one of my favorite dresses of the night. I'm usually not a fan of really poofy dresses but this one seems quite subdued because it's black. The detail below the bust draws the eye up and creates a smaller waist. Loves it!

Hwang Jung Eum in just a simple black gown but the silhouette looks great and she comes off looking effortlessly elegant!

Seo Young Hee in something made more for a wedding photoshoot than an award show, but it is a nice dress

Lee Min Jung went for a black gown with floral detailing

It's Kim Yun Jin (Sun from LOST)! Loving her Louboutins,the dress not so much..

I just know her as the Lovers in Paris girl (my mother has it on dvd lol) Seriously ladies what is with all this black?!

Jeon Do Yeon brought some color on the red carpet in this body hugging dress

Yay some metallic, aw darn the rest is still black

Well she is just a kid so what does she know about fashion, right? Ok we'll cut her some slack, better luck next time kid ;P

How should I describe this?...Modern Nun wear? I would cut the sleeves off to at least attempt to make this dress work!

The color just isn't very sharp and the v-neck does nothing for her bust area

2010 Singapore Hit Awards
Not a lot of color but definitely more variety :)

Hebe from Taiwan girl group S.H.E picks up a majority of the awards for the group and looked really cute while doing so; who knew fringe can actually look so nice as sleeves

Serene Koong in my favorite dress of the night; fun and girly reminds me of Jason Wu designs.

Serene Koong, Tai Ke Wei, Dennis Chew and Nico Chua rocking out onstage, and again Serene rocks the best outfit ;)

Tanya Chau in a floral maxi

Olivia Ong in a casual outfit that was not only perfect for the setting but also her body

I can't get enough of sparkly dresses, I wish everyday called for a sparkly dress!


ice pandora said...

T.O.P <3 I loveeee youuu!! And rofl at the 'Modern nun wear' haha.

Unknown said...

fabulous xxxx

Ninjagaiden78 said...

I liked what Jeon Do Yeon has on. She looks fantastic. I also like the purpose of this blog. It is good to see minorities being highlighted.

Viv said...

it's great to see asian fashion, everyone looks lovely!

Diana said...

Great blog! I rarely ever see blogs dedicated to asian and fashion. Kudos to you!

derek said...

omg i love TOP!!!!!! so cute!!!!!!
lol at the modern nun wear i so agree!!! its so not age appropriate!!!

Unknown said...

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