Saturday, March 31, 2012

Fashion Girls for Japan Sample Sale

Today I stopped by the Fashion Girls for Japan sample sale at The Bowery Hotel. 60+ designers donated pieces for Japan Society's Earthquake fund to aid in the reconstruction for the parts of Japan destroyed by the earthquake and tsunami last March.

 There was a pretty good crowd when it started at noon. A large section for womenswear, with accessories and some shoes and a small section for menswear. As with all sample sales there's no fitting room so be sure to wear a tanktop and leggings if you're too shy to strip down in front of everyone. Every designer donated about 20+ pieces each, so the selection was pretty good.  The prices however were still in the $150-$400 for some of my favorite Asian designers such as 3.1 Phillip Lim, Alexander Wang and Thakoon. Honestly, I've seen lower prices at their regular sample sales but since this was for charity I can understand only getting a 50% discount. And since my tax return wasn't that much, I only made one small purchase... 

I picked up this pleated crochet skirt by Sea. Orig Price $125, Sample Sale Price $63
I've been looking for a white skirt for a while now and this one was really cute and flattering, I can't wait to wear it! First time I've ever bought anything from this company but I am officially obsessed after checking out their website.

Tomorrow's (Apr.1) the last day so be sure to check it out if you're in NY and show your support! 

Be sure to follow me on twitter @fashionableazns if you would like a heads up on upcoming sample sales in NY!

Happy Shopping! 


UnA said...

lol I was gonna comment on this. haha..

<3 una

NaNa said...

The crochet skirt is gorgeous <3 great buy !

Love from the NaNa girls xoxo

Unknown said...

The crochet skirt is really cute! And that's awesome that the proceeds went to charity; shopping for a good cause is always a good reason to buy something nice for yourself haha :P

Izzy said...

thankyou for your lovely comment Annie :) it's wonderful that these designers donated their stuff for such an important cause! the crochet skirt you came away with is a lucky find indeed.
hope you're having a wonderful and safe Easter too :)

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