Thursday, February 9, 2012

Asian Designer Spotlight: Richard Chai Fall 2012

Ahh Fashion Week in NY, there is no better time to ogle at clothes I can't afford and wishing I was at a show instead of at my dead end job. Wait, where was I going with this post? Oh right, 'tis the week where I will feature all the Asian designers debuting their Fall 2012 collections at NYFW and there are A WHOLE LOT of them this year. So excited and happy for all of them! And to start things off we have Richard Chai's fall 2012 collection (Richard Chai Love), here are some notable looks:
 Chai throws some dark tie dye in the mix with this dress and pairs it with a large boxy coat
 Darker florals make this trench coat more fall appropriate
 Oversized women's jackets are prevalent throughout the collection
 Multi colored stripes are also another pattern Chai plays with 
 I would probably be swimming in a jacket like this but I'd be doing so in such a chic way ;P
How sick are those large pockets? It's like the new fanny pack!

Richard Chai kept this collection simple with the running theme of menswear for women or as I like to call it Girl becomes Boy.  Unlike most designers he wanted to make the collection more "approachable" so that even a woman not in the fashion industry would be drawn to it.  While I am all for wearing menswear, I can never wear anything oversized because at 5'0" I am undersized. 

I give this collection a 3/5

Click here to view the entire collection, and let me know what you'd rate this collection.


lucia m said...


Unknown said...

Nice post - this is a nice collection - love that first image and the last coat! Definitely ready to wear :)

Bridgid x

Content Director - Strong Female Leaders said...

These are gorgeous. So excited about fashion week in Seattle.

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Lather Adian said...

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kristalmaico said...

This is a great designer. I like this fashion. I impressed by that. So excited and happy for all of them! I am appreciate by you. Fabulous collection share here.

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Kelan Willis said...

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