Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Asian Designer Spotlight: Jason Wu Fall 2012

Jason Wu drew inspiration for his latest collection from several decades of Chinese fashion history. Starting with the hats from the Qing dynasty, the cheongsams from 1940's Shanghai and the jackets from the Mao years of China. There's simply no better way to pay tribute to your roots than dedicating an entire collection to it.  

Wu's modern take on the classic cheongsam, dark and metallic
 Mao's military inspired jackets with structured shoulders and gold hardware

It's not a fall collection without some Clothes with the fur, with the furrrr!

I personally liked this collection, it's a lot more dark and fierce than Wu's previous collections. I love that he's such a versatile designer, I mean if you put his Target collection next to this you wouldn't even think it's from the same person. (I kind of wished his Target collection was as form fitting and streamlined as this one..) I can't wait for the sample sale on this collection, that red jacket is MINE! lol

I rate this collection a 5 out of 5! Perfection!

Do you think it's cliche for a Chinese designer to design a Chinese themed collection or do you think it can still be creative and different?


Louise said...

I love the cheongsams, very wearable! Favourite is the first one!

Jenny said...

Martin read about the designer in a Fashion Week (?) post online... only reason why I recognized the name :P And I don't think it's cliched at all - I would wear the first or third cheongsam over the bright red ones we saw in that little Chinese shop *any* day.

Tina said...

just found your blog! Lovely! keep it up!

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ftashion said...

It's definitely not cliche and I thought it's really cool to draw inspiration from their own culture! But honestly, I don't really like this collection of Jason Wu. There are some pretty pieces but overall I find the collection rather dull.
Fang Ting

"coy" colleen said...

i really loved his collection - never thought of the connection between vintage chinese silhouettes/fabrics but it totally makes sense now

it would be a dream for all designers to have their target collections as perfect as what they put on the runway, but after all it's just target

love your blog!

m i s s . t e a said...

ooh yes I really like the oriental influence, especially the one with the fur skirt :D

Secret Dream World of Fe said...

I just read an article of NYFW review of the best shows in 2012 and Jason Wu and Alexander Wang are on the list. Asian designer rocks!

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