Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Fashionable Asians at the 2011 Met Costume Gala

Last night was the Met Costume Gala honoring Alexander McQueen. I can't wait to go check out the MccQueen exhibit for myself, it is literally the talk of the town! Everyone who was anyone in the fashion and entertainment industry was in attendance, even some very notable Asians:

Alexa Chung in a sparkly beaded Christopher Kane dress, one of my favorite looks of the night. I thought it was a pretty unique choice for Alexa since everyone else was in long gowns, but Alexa always surprises.

Vera Wang showed up in her own creation to the Gala looking rather frail. While I like the overall design of the dress, I think another color would've looked better on Vera. I never liked mustard hues on Asians :T

Lucy Liu in a feathery gown by Vionnet. I'm kind of on the fence about this one since I'm not a fan of feathers but I like the sheer part giving the dress a bit of subtle sexiness. The belted center is throwing me off a bit, the break in feathers might be a bit too wide.

UPDATE 5/4: Just found out my favorite half Asian Maggie Q was there wearing a gorgeous floral ruffle dress by Asian designer Tadashi Shoji. Maggie totally rocked it with an elegant updo and neutral makeup. Who else is excited to watch Nikita this week? It has gotten soooo good since her and Shane are hooking up on the show!

Which Asian lady has your vote for most fashionable?

Let me know in the comments below!


Sandy said...

Love Vera Wang's dress! But I agree, another color would have been even better. And she's got such gorgeous straight hair!


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kaizokumousy said...

wow I love luci liu's gown :D

Dewi ♥ said...

Nice dresses ^^! Lucy Liu dress is indeed a bit too much, Vera Wang looks good ^^ also beautiful hair! haha

Viv said...

they are all beautiful, i just enjoy the met gala in general because i feel like that's when everyone brings out the more interesting gowns/outfits :)


Bijin Blair said...

Vera's gown in a different colour and on a bustier model. It's just hanging off her =[

Unknown said...

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Annabelle Fleur said...

So hard to choose, they all look fantastic! But Alexa is my all time favorite, I just love her style! Great blog, I am now following! Maybe you'll have time to visit my blog:)


dress up files said...

I'm loving Maggie Q's dress!! Stunning!!


Renisha said...

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may be we can follow each other?!!

Michelle said...

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I just visited this McQueen exhibit today and it was beyond phenomenal..gonna try and sneak in some photos when I go back, hope I don't get caught!..lol



Sassi said...

gorgeous outfits!

Hungover on Fashion said...

Maggie's looking gorgeous!! following you back..

Maddalena said...


match.box.muse said...

i love what maggie Q is wearing! and vera wang is a bit too thin for my liking :( by the way sweetie, i'm having a parisian giveaway and i would love for you to join it! hope your having a lovely weekend!

love, M

Karishma said...

i love lucy. but i think maggie looks the best.. great blog!!

The Cat Hag said...

I love love love Alexa, she always looks so chic and girly and sweet all at the same time. :)

The Cat Hag

Joey said...

While the ladies themselves are beautiful, I think some of the dresses overwhelm them. I like Vera Wang's best because it's not so fussy. But yes, a different colour would have looked even better

Allie said...

Vera Wang is SO skinny! I agree with you about the color. Overall though, I loved most of the dresses!

xo, Allie


oomph. said...

ok, maggie q looks fabulous! i only watched the first few episodes of the show, but i think i'm going to have to do some catch up!!


RainCooper said...

They all look amazing. X

Anonymous said...

all of the dresses are beatyful..the yellow and the tan one are my favorite, especially the yellow one. Vera Wang is great. i love her dresses :)

Natali said...

Lovely dresses!

cristina petre said...

they all look lovely!

Sick by Trend said...

Fabulous! Vera Wang is very thin now! I'm following!

Look my blog and if you like it, follow me!




Angie | Pandaphilia.com said...

maggie q's dress is super gorgeous and romantic. hehe that's interesting! i'm glad to hear asian celebs wear h&m too. i love love that dress but i need to save up for a camera upgrade :) thanks for visiting my blog! i will do more fitting room reviews soon


Denise said...

these are lovely :) esp alexa chung, seems like she can't do any wrong :) xx

Lisa said...

Maggie Q is my absolute favorite! But I guess that has to do with my infinite love for neutral, warm colors. Love your blog!

Love, Lisa

Unknown said...

wow def Vera Wang! I love the pop of color she brought! and she is always adorable!

love from San Francisco,


Astrid Storm said...

oh, this is once again great - i heart you're blog.
maybe you'll pass by and follow too?

emily said...

i love both alexa's dress and maggie q's!

minnja said...

Fabulous :)))



Haru said...

I love the Alexa's dress! simply amazing :)
Thank you for your lovely comment x

Haru x

derek said...

ughhh i despised lucy liu's dress!!! it's just all over the place and the design is horrible!! but alexa chung looks adorable!!! love

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