Friday, May 13, 2011

Fashionable Asian of the Week: Zhang Ziyi

Yay Blogger stopped being an asshole so I could share my pick for fashionable Asian of the week! haha and it is none other than the fabulous Zhang Ziyi! The Chinese actress has been busy the past week promoting her new film "Love for Life," a story about an HIV infected couple in rural China. I think it'll be a great film and would be both inspirational and empowering. It's something that isn't very talked about in Asian culture and a film with such huge Asian stars is sure to shed some light on the subject of HIV/Aids awareness. You can also help spread the word by supporting the H&M Fashion Against Aids collection.

With costar Aaron Kwok at the premiere, in Christian Dior (her second time wearing a dress from their Spring 2011 collection). I still stand on us yellows looking bad in yellow but the design of the dress is nice.
My favorite outfit of Ziyis this week, a simple sheer silver grey dress, fits her perfectly and not too flashy for a daytime look.
Ziyi attended a show in this classy LBD with shiny beaded details

Loving the white lace embroidered cardigan over her strapless pink dress
Shoulders pads, embroidered florals and feathers, three trends in one dress and she pulls it off nicely.
Ziyi matched her costar in a pink (I want to say D&G) dress featuring ruffles and lace appliquéd print, and good thing she didn't match her shoes to her dress! smart girl ;P

She's so freaking elegant and a great actress, I kinda hope Hollywood would give her more chances =D
Which was your favorite Ziyi look of the week?


Linh said...

she is awesome!!

Unknown said...

I love all the outfits she wore except the last one - not a fan of frilly pink dresses! She looks very elegant and classy in everything else though :)

f i o n a (miss.tea) said...

i love the black dress she is wearing, with the sequins xx misstea & co.

Unknown said...

I loved the LBD along with her hair, but that last dress I'm definitely not feeling! lol

Shirley said...

I really love the second last top. It's so unique.

Mara said...

Forget Zhang Ziyi, Aaron Kwok is FINEEEEEE.....I've been watching him since I was a child. LOL. Anyways, out of all the dresses, I'm loving the grey one the best.

About Birchbox, believe it or not I tried the Ahava mask on last night and I actually like it. It's not a heavy or thick mask. Nothing like the Queen Helene mint mask. It dries fast and you do feel/ see instant results of tightness. I like I like. :)

Angie | said...

i like the 4th outfit down, it's the most flattering on her. zhang ziyi is gorgeous and a good actress but imo awful at "romantic" scenes. it's just unnatural and stiff haha. but she certainly has the body and face .. envious~

<3 pandaphilia

Natali said...

love love the yellow dress!!!

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