Saturday, March 12, 2011

Praying for Japan

So sad about what happened in Japan and I was really worried about my friend who lives in Sapporo, but she is ok. She said that the earthquake made her feel like she was on a rocky boat ride but her city was relatively unharmed. Thank God! Sigh* I had bought tickets to go to Japan at the end of this month but it looks like I will have to cancel, unfortunately American Airlines only extended their cancellation without fees policy till March 18th so looks like I'll have to pay a cancellation fee as my flight is for the 25th :( sigh* But it's ok... I'll pay it for my safety and so that my mom and family aren't going to be worried about me. Let's hope they extend their policy!!! There's always next year, unless... ok I'm not going to jinx it, I'll just keep that negative thought to myself. Let's all just keep Japan in our thoughts and help by donating if you can.