Fashionable Asians is owned and operated by Annie, a petite and fashion obsessed 24 year old Chinese girl from New York City.

About This Blog:

I started this blog because I missed working in fashion (I interned at Rebecca Taylor during my senior yr of college) and felt that this would be a great outlet for me to sound off on my opinions of the latest fashion trends, etc. I decided to dedicate it to Asian fashion and celebrities because I felt that we weren't getting a lot of love in the media. It's not very often that I flip open an American fashion magazine and see an Asian model or go to a website where they give a full fashion rundown on an Asian Award show. So here is my tiny contribution to help all my fellow Asians be seen ;) 

Posts you will often see on this blog include:
  • Asian Award Show Fashion
  • Asian Celeb Inspiration
  • Asian Concert Fashion
  • Asian Designer Spotlight
  • Asian Drama Fashion
  • Asian Fashion Trends
  • Asian Movie Fashion
  • Asian Music Video Fashion
  • Fashionable Asians of the Week
  • Raid My Closet (My Outfits of the Week)
[Most of the featured items/people on my blog are Chinese, Korean, Taiwanese or Japanese; I know there are other Asian countries but these are the only ones I currently follow. I am however open to suggestions so feel free to email me at fashionableasians(at)gmail.com to discuss a chance to be a guest blogger for an Asian Celeb Inspiration Post! ;D]

My Top Five Favorite Asian Designers:

  1. Jason Wu
  2. Phillip Lim
  3. Alexander Wang
  4. Vera Wang
  5. Thakoon