Tuesday, September 4, 2012

My 2NE1 Concert Experience

I'm BACK!!! I know I abandoned ship (aka this blog) the whole summer, truthfully I just wanted to "YOLO" it up this summer.  Yea I'm kind of getting tired of that phrase too but it's just how I decided to make goals for the summer; including discovering new places, going on mini weekend vacations to other states, taking K-pop dance lessons and going to a concert. Speaking of going to a concert, I went to the 2NE1 concert a couple weeks ago in New Jersey and while it was quite dramatic just getting to Jersey for the concert, it all ended up being quite worth it and one of my best summer memories :D
OOTN: Thrifted denim top, H&M Pants and Earrings, Rebecca Minkoff MAC purse, F21 Necklace and Aerosoles sandals (aka I had to sacrifice the heals when we sacrificed the car for the Path train -_-) 


 My favorite 2NE1 girl would have to be Bommie!  She looks like an Asian Barbie doll with her porcelain skin and perfect ginger curls and also she's a bit ditzy like me (the song finished and everyone was going backstage but she was still dancing on stage until she realized she was the only one on the stage.  She dashed backstage a gave us a big heart sign with her arms! She's so funny, gotta love her!
Check out my Vlog of our K-pop concert adventure on Youtube:
2NE1 is the best! Do you love K-pop?  If so who's your favorite group?
I can't wait to see Big Bang in November!!!!!


betty; said...

OMG I am soooo jealous, I absolutely love 2NE1 and BIG BANG <3333 I'm glad it was a great concert, I want to see a YG concert one day :D

yay k-pop love~


Jo said...

It is good to take a little hiatus from blogging to do things that you wanna do like all those you have mentioned about discovering new places, going on mini weekend vacations, taking dance lessons etc. That way, life is more fulfilling.

I'm hosting my very first giveaway and I would really love to invite you (one of my earlier followers) to try your hand at winning something.

Have a lovely week!

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