Monday, November 22, 2010

H&M loves Asians

Has anyone else noticed that H&M is having an Asian love affair lately? lol So happy one of my favorite brands is recognizing us Asians as a large part of their demographic!

First, there was the street style video which featured everyday people on the streets of Shanghai, China.

Then... Chinese models Sun Fei Fei and Du Juan grace the Fall/Winter '10 H&M ads

And lastly, they follow around Chinese fashion blogger Susie Bubble as she got ready and attended the Lanvin for H&M fashion show.

Thanks H&M for recognizing us Asians as being fashionable and beautiful, your positive recognition of diversity just makes me appreciate the brand even more! ;D


On another note: Fellow Asian blogger Pop Champagne (love her blog!) is hosting an awesome contest giveaway for the flat iron seen below! Come up with a funny caption for the pic on her blog post and enter to win! Go now! Good Luck! :)


vonnie said...

absolutely GORGEOUS!! they are so stunning, it's just unfair lol.

Anonymous said...

thank god i'm not the only one that noticed them! :D

ching said...

hoooorah for asians. i'm always happy when asians are in the campaigns. :D

Mara said...

I'm so glad you mentioned this. I noticed it too and I couldn't help but love the pale skin with red lips. Also what pissed me off was, I couldn't find that red drapey dress anywhere......I really wanted it especially at only $9.95......URGH....

P o o p e r said...

Sun Fei Fei is extremely gorgeous. :D <33

michelle said...

yay!! go asians xD hehehehe
i want to go shopping @ H&M!!
finally i can next tues when im going to hk hehehe yay

xx Michelle

AP. said...

Woo! Go Asians, haha xD
I just found this blog because my friend and I were thinking about starting one together, right? And she's like, "hm, how 'bout we call it FASHIONABLE ASIANS?!" I just googled that and came up here :P So I guess that won't be the name of our blog xD

BARESTUDY (Janelle) said...

i love asian fashion.. they can go from sweet and cute to high fashion. thanks for commenting on my blog! hope you follow my blog as well :) thanks dear.


noone said...

I'm always excited to see asians in north american ads here, have a great thanksgiving!

Ashley said...

love your blog!! xoxo!! Following you

Follow me back!!
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Law1sfab said...

Hi hun, yep and so they should :) I'm so glad you loved my China Fashion week post, I blog about a lot of different stuff. Loving your blog too, hope your well xxxx

Unknown said...

i love seeing asians in ad campaigns!! it also helps to judge if the style/color looks great on us! :)

Ellen ♥ said...

Go Asians! :) Great post thanks for sharing.

up for this post! :)

Btw, I am your new follower, hope you will follow me back too and be friends! :)

♥ Ellen

Unknown said...

i love H&M xxx

xxyy said...

they look gorgeous!xx

Anonymous said...

i was just thinking about that ad! i think it's great h&m featured asians.

i came across your site and i love how it's devoted to asians. as a fellow asian, i think it's great!


Marcia B. said...

Fashionable asians, that is it! I love this blog!

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