Sunday, January 16, 2011

Drama Fashion: Secret Garden

I have been obssessing over this drama for past two months and now it's officially over :( I loved everything about Secret Garden, from the storyline to the actors and of course the fashion. From casual and sporty to classy and glamourous, this series displays a wide range of styles. My favorite part of the series is when the two main characters switch bodies ala Freaky Friday after drinking a mysterious wine from the Secret Garden they encounter on Jeju Island. It's a really funny series and if you're interested you can find it streaming online with english subs at

Warning: this post is extremely pic heavy because I screencapped every outfit I liked ;P Enjoy!

Ha Ji Won as Gil Ra Im

Ji Won's style in this series is more on the casual and sporty side. She plays a stunt actress so she is often seen in sportswear, military style coats and the only time we see her dressed up is either in Hyun Bin's imagination or when they switch bodies.

Ha JiWon has made the cape coat one of the most popular fashion items of the season, if NY wasn't so cold, I'd fill my closet with them!

A similar camel colored cape can be found at Zara

The exact cape with the fur lined hood is said to be available on GMarket

I found a similar plaid cape over at

As a sexy seductress in Hyun Bin's imagination

Again appearing in Hyun Bin's imagination, this time as a girl from a wealthy family

Besides her cape coats, she is also seen sporting this leather jacket with shearling lining, which I actually find more suitable for her character than the cape coats

How does a stunt actress who lives in a tiny rented apt own such a fabulous $200+ top by Marc Jacobs?! TV is so true to life...

"Ra Im" waking up next to an unsuspecting Oska, in a lace Marc Jacobs dress

Ra Im attending a party with her 'fairy godmother' Oska lol

I spy a crossbody Mulberry bag ;)

There's a significance to this outfit but I won't spoil it for you. Let's just say it's a TaeYang song that starts with a W... :P

Hyun Bin as Kim Joo Won

Hyun Bin in his ridiculous tracksuits, all "handmade from Italy" I ROFL everytime I see him wearing one of these, so girly with all the sequins, but it's all a part of his eccentric character.

Kim Sa Rang as Yoon Seul Sa Rang's style in this series is very luxurious, everything is name brand and classy. They styled her with a lot of very feminine outfits with strong shoulderlines and bold accessories. No doubt her wardrobe was my favorite, but I can't say the same about her character though...what a bitch lol A perfect example of a jacket that shows emphasis on the shoulders, proving that she is a woman of power especially while working as a CF director
Sa Rang (far left) in green jacket with a pointed shoulder and a top that is bound to be on every working woman come this spring: white blouse with necktie. I'm definitely going to be keeping my eye out for one at Ann Taylor.
This girl loves her leopard prints and ruffles, I believe that is a DVF clutch and her expression is priceless.

Even SaRang is rocking the cape coat ;)

Loving her rhinstone embellished cardi and fringe skirt, probably the most casual she'll ever be

I even tried to search on korean sites (not knowing how to read them and lol at the google translations) but I couldn't find out where her unique shorts are from!

Her wardrobe makes me want to invest in some more blouses for mine, especially ruffle ones!

Attending the VVIP party in a long strapless red gown, white fur coat and gold statement necklace

An embellished key blazer, this has got to be the coolest way to recycle old keys

A work perfect leaves printed dress topped off with a classic wool jacket and coral Mulberry bag

Choi Yoon So as Kim Hee Won

She may be a minor character but as Hyun Bin's sister she seems to be the only sane person in his family. And of course as a rich girl her style is similar to Sa Rangs', feminine ruffles, fur coats and chic blazers are all staples in her wardrobe.

A chic fur coat with tights under shorts and long boots make this look work for fall or winter

Yoo In Na as Im Ah Young

Ah Young's style is young and girly, the complete opposite of her best friend and roommate Ra Im. Her personality is pretty sweet and her clothes truly reflect that.

I love the sleeves on her camel jacket and the cinching detail on the waist

There are so many other great outfits I didn't include but you get the idea, this drama is full of fashionable Koreans. The styling in this series was top notch and really brought out the character's personality and flavor, after all that is what we try to acheive by wearing certain outfits right? Hope you guys enjoyed this post!


m0chiii said...

lol i've never seen so many asian superstars in one post! ^_^

regarding your comment on the aeropostale peacoat, there was still a few left at my store ^_^ i hope you find some!


i need to watch this. everyone is telling me this drama is so good.

but omg , you know T.O.P from big bang. i am soooo obsessed with him as of the moment and probably forever. >.< lol

kaizokumousy said...

wow this looks really nice!I think I'll watch this :)))

o said...

Oh wow, LOVE the outfits from this drama! Look at those capes! They're adorable! Thanks for sharing, Annie:) -AB

BARESTUDY (Janelle) said...

ooh kdramas!! i haven't watched one in so long. but i had a phase of being addicted to these shows :) i too look at their outfits. love it.

to reply to your comment on my blog, first time i saw it, i didn't even realize i was at the crocs store HAHA!! they're too cute.


Unknown said...

Omg I have to watch this drama next; everyone has been saying how good it is. Haha she really likes those cape coats - they're really cute though, I gotta see if I can find one at Zara :)

indie.doll said...

hahaha this is such a cute show (:

derek said...

oh my goodness I am watching this right now!! literally!!! i love it!!!!

kim sa rang's character is fierce i love her!

noone said...

I've been looking for a faux fur cape! I love all the capes they wear in the show, so cute

The Short Girl said...

I love capes and Asian fashion!! Great blog!

peeaye said...

does anyone know what brand the embellished key blazer is? i'm totally in love with it and would probably dish out the money to own it! haha

Esther said...

I LOVE YOUR IDEA of your blog!! showing asian fashions!! im from Hong Kong and living in the UK now. its such an amazing idea!! im definitely gonna follow you from now on :) wanna follow each other? XXX es.

Melissa~ said...

One of my favourite things about Korean dramas is the clothes. ALways so amazing and chic.

Fresh Fish Creative said...

I loved all her quirky sweaters, the owl zip up, the one with triangles across the shoulders, and especially the Gizmo sweater. Oh gawd, the track suits were hilarious.

Anonymous said...

the styles are inspiring
you can check mine on my blog if you would
I would be very happy if you leave your thoughts :)

Maye said...

So, Ha Ji Won was carrying an Alexa Mulberry bag right? I knew it! I'm loving it more! Thanks! ;)

white lab coats said...

i looking forward for this Drama, because everyone telling that this Drama is really good. its interesting, especially he coats that always wearing of that girl, its pretty. im gonna watch this drama.

cik izars said...


Anonymous said...

On the cape coat. I found this batwing-sleeve coat that is similar. It has the arm release in the middle, just like one or two of her jackets.

Florence said...

shorts from philip lim, key blazer from Moschino

RiceBunBun said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
RiceBunBun said...

Any ideas where to get the scarf from, it was from Episode 10 (and another ep but different color.. The one Gil Ra Im is wearing

Sandy Chen said...

Did you buy a cape coat like Ha Ji Won??? I really like it but I can't find it.

jyhk said...

I m looking for one of the ear warmer ( gil ra im is wearing in one of the episodes, unfortunately i dont remember is which one it was, it was definitely after that camp with the action team, can sb help find it and tell me where i can order it.thx
some kind head band ear warmer in one of the episodes

jyhk said...

it is episode 13, around the 30 min, when she is working out with OSKA, if sb could tell me where I could find this that would be great

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Yana Izzati said...

i like that series !

Korean Addict said...

I Love your posting regarding Secret Garden Fashion Style, as I Love this drama ..

Joel Salmon said...

Aside from heart-gripping stories, what I like about Korean dramas is their focus on fashion. Take the dramas Princess Hours and Stairway to Heaven as examples. Almost all the characters are always dressed up nicely and neatly. It’s also a good way to showcase Korea’s unique sense of style. [Joel Salmon]

Unknown said...

I agree with Joel Salmon. I watched some dramas just for the clothing. For example, Style wasn't such a good drama, the plot was ok. BUt the outfits were gorgeous! Same for Prosecutor Princess

Unknown said...

Thanks for posting this, I was looking everywhere for Gil Ra Im's outfits <3

Def the best drama I've ever watched <3

Unknown said...

I loved the sweaters too! Some of them were quirky and some were cute. I'd love to know where to find them

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
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Rachel said...

Hi! I really really want to know where the dress that Oska gave Ha Ji Won is from!!!

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