Thursday, March 22, 2012

Tokyo Runway Spring/Summer 2012

Hey everybody and by everybody I mean all two of you who still read my blog (Hi Mom! Hi me!). I need to stop being so m.i.a... Anyways, the first ever Tokyo Runway happened this past Tuesday and I wanted to cover some of favorite looks and spring trends.  Similar to the Tokyo Girls Collection that I summarized two weeks ago, Tokyo Runway is a collaboration fashion show between different brands sold in Japan.  The sold out fashion show and concert had over 15,000 people in attendance and took over three stages featuring a total of 40 different fashion collections.  It is like fashion week on steroids!

Spring Jackets

No matter what your style is, Tokyo Runway is bound to have a coat for you.  For the classic girl, you have the simple white jacket with scalloped edges from JugeETTA.  For the downtown hipster girl, a long denim jacket over stripped shorts from Lily Brown can be just the look for you. For the uptown city girl, a classic camel coat or Peter Pan collar can give you the sweet yet sophisticated look of the upper east side. And for the edgy girls who aren't afraid to be too bold, a Roberto Cavalli floral pantsuit may be just what you need to win major spring street style recognition.

Cutouts can give any outfit that subtle sexiness and badass tan lines that every girl loves.
Spring Lace
Lace in the spring/summer can be boho, romantic and sexy. A little goes a long way and it is see through so don't forget to wear a pretty bra underneath, ladies!
Asymmetrical Skirts=Mullet Skirts
Symmetrical skirts are so yesterday, just like straight bangs and terry cloth tracksuits. Asymmetrical is where it's at this season and for the petite girls like myself who have a hard time pulling off a full maxi skirt a Mullet Skirt = mini in the front, maxi in the back is our solution.
Peplums littered the fall runways but why do we have to wait till fall to wear them if they're already available now! This ladylike look can be dressed up for a party or toned down for work, just by changing the right accessories such as belts and shoes.

Spring Hats
The Brits aren't the only hat aficionados, the Japanese also love their hats and in a variety of sizes, styles and colors. Which hat style will you be rocking this spring? I love myself a good panama hat for the beach ;)

Click here to see the rest of the runway shown on Three stages!

See you in the next post!


Nail Rookie said...

I like the spring jackets - though with our weather I doubt we'll need jackets anymore soon.
And side note - I read your blog! :p

UnA said...

nice,looks like fun.

Love the skirt that you picked..

BTW followed you on twitter..

here is mine

<3 una

Tamina said...

that looks pretty amazing :-) so playful and feminine

would you like to follow each other? I've just started and hope you do the same

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